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Lindsley Chiropractic

As I wrote in the most recent issue of the Cyclops, my asthma medication has been failing me of late. For any of you who suffer from Asthma, you're probably familiar with the Advair inhaler (since it's basically the only thing you can buy to treat asthma anymore). Well, the problem with the Advair inhaler, just like all prescribed medicine, is that it has a bunch of negative effects. Doctors call these negative effects "side effects" which is a misnomer. You see, these aren't "additional" effects or "side" effects, they're just EFFECTS! For example when you watch those ads for Viagra during football season and they list how Viagra causes blindness, death, temporary paralysis, etc., you should figure out that, hey, maybe it's not so smart to TAKE that medication. However, our current medical system has us pretty well brainwashed into thinking that these "side effects" are OK. They're not.

My Advair inhaler had been working more or less well enough, until recently when the fact that it lowers my immune system (another effect) caused me to get a terrible cold which I haven't been able to shake for two weeks. And to be truthful, even when the Advair is working perfectly well, it's not as good as it should be. So, I decided to give Allan Lindsley a call and see what he could recommend.

Lindsley is one of our team guys so he understands what's at stake for a crazy XC skier/runner/biker like myself. Health is of paramount importance and, if you let him, Lindsley will go off on nutrition, vitamins, and basic wellness for hours and hours.

Honestly, it's quite refreshing to go into a health care provider and have him/her come up with a multitude of possible solutions to the problem (instead of just saying "take Advair" and charging you $200 for the visit). Lindsley also likes to take a holistic approach where he examines the health of the entire body and not just the problem area.

After about an hour visitation, I left Lindsley chiropractic with several vitamin supplements that I'm willing to try out. I'll keep you posted on whether they function or not, but since my experience with Advair is a solid D-, I'm willing to try anything.

So if you've decided that your regular doctor isn't quite filling your needs as an endurance athlete, perhaps you should check out Lindsley Chiropractic. Here's the contact information:

Lindsley Chiropractic Clinic
2004 Highland Ave., Suite O
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: 715-832-8414
Fax: 715-832-0358


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