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More Fun Improvements to the CyclovaXC web page!

Frank and I have been discussing the organization (or lack thereof) of CyclovaXC for a while, and just when it appeared there was no easy answer, blogger gave us an option called "pages." Actually, this option isn't all that special (it'd be a lot better if you could designate what link was to go with what "page" and not have to put it in manually) but what the heck. Blogger does a pretty good job for a free web page, although I don't understand why, if they're going to do it at all, they don't do it EVEN BETTER...but whatever.

In the image above you can see where the new "pages" widget appears on CyclovaXC. For now, we have 3 "pages" (and I'm not going to put them in quotation marks anymore because it's getting ridiculous), home, ski tech, bike tech. When you click on any one of these, a page appears in the center of the page (it will magically appear right where THIS blog post is in fact...amazing) with a list of all the ski tech, bike tech, etc., articles that we've published. This is useful because we're putting the really good articles (like the wax technique video that every single one of you should watch until you have it memorized) that you want to come back to. Depending on how much this seems to be used or is useful, we'll continue to update it (probably once a month or so...maybe when I send out the Cyclops...we'll see).

So for now, I guess the best thing you can do is go through the articles that we have listed in pages and send us your comments (and maybe some pictures that we can use for headers on these pages).


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