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More Singlet Ideas

After taking into account Andrew Johnson's suggestions about my other singlet ideas (he wrote me and said, "Ben, your designs are CRAP, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in any of those"...Ok, no he didn't really say that) I spent about 4 seconds (my usual prep time) whipping up the above version of the singlet. Actually the above version is sort of the generic, run of the mill way that people design EVERYTHING...but I guess there's a reason they do it that way...because it looks the best.

The only question I still have is how the singlet should look at the back. I don't think the back should be exactly the same as the front (the shield at least would look funny on the back I think), but how about this wild and crazy idea...how about if we put the words down at the bottom of the singlet like you see on bike shorts?

I, for one, know that whenever I do a race, virtually the whole field is staring either at my butt or my lower back (a finer lower back never was grown in the midwest region my poor departed great grandmother used to say...but not about me).

Again, my whole point with these singlets is to get them made as inexpensively (cheaply) as possible because the never ending wellspring of money is drying up.

So, again, let your thoughts trickle in! Cheers!

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  1. Ben- thanks for editing out my other comments on your design...I would hate for everyone who reads this site to think I'm a jerk or something.

    I think you should think about some of these ideas for the lower edge of the back of the singlet:

    sugar buns
    2 hot for you

    Could we also invest in a team bedazzler (https://www.mybedazzler.com) so we could put custom sparkles and rhinestones around the text? This idea's got legs...seriously...just think about it.

  2. Perhaps we need to consider a minimum amount of "flair" that each singlet has? I vote for each rhinestone and Cyclova XC logo counting as a piece of flair...

    Counting sparkles seems silly, but perhaps we could come up with a formula such as:
    29 sparkles = 1 rhinestone = 1/2 Cyclova XC logo

  3. Yeah, maybe we should have been Team Princess with the motto "Straight Macho Guys Want to Ride Unicorns Too!" Then, years later, when we finally became enough of a movement that we pissed off Elizabeth Hasslebeck for infringing on her "Unicorn" dreams, it would have been all worthwhile!