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Order your CyclovaXC Bike Kit! Cyclops 2.7

Yup, the mystical inspiration has come to fruition and we're putting the final touches on our Mt. Borah order for a set of CyclovaXC jerseys and shorts that will crumble the very pillars of cyclist styling FOREVER (just click here if that last sentence made no sense to you)! The design has been finalized, and the version you see here is of much higher quality than the feeble paint shop sketch we brought to you a couple weeks ago. In short, the CyclovaXC cycling jersey has achieved, perhaps even exceeded the level of awesomenessism that we painstakingly embedeed by hand into every micro fiber of our fantabulous ski suit. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to cloak yourself in the fabric of the GODS!
For those of you interested in a bike suit (jersey and shorts, or just shorts, or just jersey...or jersey and bib shorts, or just bib shorts...) send an email to cyclovaxc at gmail.com. Be sure to include exactly what you want so that we can make a precise order (that'd be a good email for questions to if you have any...RELEVANT QUESTIONS, no "What goes on in a singularity?" kind of stuff).
Also, for those of you who don't know, we're being sponsored by Lindsley Chiropractic in Eau Claire (so head on down there and get yourself fit and whole! 715-832-8414). For those of you who don't know Lindsley (he was the guy dominating all the races last year...plus he sent up the updates from Sweden), I'll be putting an article up about him tomorrow or the next day. You see, I've been locked in this fierce mortal battle with this horrific cold lately. It's the kind of cold that makes your head swell up to six times its normal size, and every time somebody talks to you it's as if they're yelling at you through six feet of water funneled down through an ancient well. Mainly, I think I got this cold due to the fact that my overpriced, horrible Asthma medication Advair (which, although it's completely inexpensive and overpriced, it's the only one available for Asthma sufferers to BUY since the pharmaceutical companies are a bunch of evil Nazi dictators who care only for the bottom line and could give two tosses as to the suffering of HUMAN BEINGS!!!!) lowers my immune system (seriously...it does...a medicine that lowers your immune system...can anyone say conspiracy? It all seems too frickin' convenient to ME!). Anyway, I went and saw Lindsley who appeared before me on top in a mountain dressed in flowing robes of alabaster wool, and when he spoke there was an echo, and his hair flowed in the wind...more on that tomorrow.
One task at a time for my lovely CyclovaXC teammates (as you read this at work...good for YOU guys, I can almost GUARANTEE that you aren't getting paid enough because you guys are AWESOME), send me your emails with your sizes so I can get the right order sent in. Later, send me your checks (it's all explained in this link).
And (just so you can kill a few more hours of company time [you're worth it...]) here are some more awesome run/bike/ski articles that you DESERVE to read because you DESERVE to be out there on this bright, beautiful spring day (this way at least your MIND can be saved from work...we're working on the body...don't worry, CyclovaXC has got a MASTER plan!).

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