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Parking Before the Birkie for Bib Pick-Up

How about that sloppy parking lot that we got ushered into as we made our way to Telemark for our Bib pick-up? Wasn't that wonderful? I suppose I have to admit that our Bib Pick-up went pretty smoothly, but there were still a couple moments of minor irritation. I mean, was it really necessary that we park in that lot a mile and a half away from the lodge? Was it really so much more convenient to have everybody park and then be shuttled up to the lodge? Did that really make a lot of sense?

I remember standing in a line to catch the shuttle to go back to the parking lot, and when the bus arrived, the driver looked pretty disgusted actually.

"How many shuttles are there?" we asked.

"Two!" he spat in annoyance.

I suppose the guy was getting worked to death and he was being really serious about not having people stand in the aisle of the bus as he drove it the previously stated mile and a half. What was going to happen? Were the cops going to pull him over and issue the Birkie foundation a ticket? Well, I suppose somebody might have fallen down and sued the bus company, the driver, and all of Northern Wisconsin (god the modern world can be hugely annoying). You know what else, there wasn't even a TIP jar for that bus driver guy! He was actually working pretty darn hard and it was probably his day off when you come to think about it. I mean, if people are tipping snotty cashiers at Starbucks on their way to paying $85 for a crappy coffee, we can spare a quarter each for a bus driver who's making our Birkie possible (see Mr. Pink's rant from Reservoir Dogs).

But you know what else was painfully apparent at this whole bib Pick-up fiasco? The fact that the Birkie office should just be SENDING us our bibs! I mean, we're paying close to a C note for the darn race, why should we have to go through the trouble of DRIVING up to Cable on the day before the race! Just send it in the mail!!!! Aren't skiers supposed to be environmentally friendly? Imagine all the gas that could be saved by not forcing 10,000 skiers to drive their vehicles an extra 100 miles each! Charge us another $5 for postage and MAIL it!

I started going off about this on the shuttle ride, and a guy smartly commented that it didn't have anything to do with logic, or the environment or anything...they had the bib pick-up because it allows them to run the expo and they WANT all the skiers to come filtering through there so they spend money. Well, that's a bunch of crap frankly (environment boys and girls...let's think about that for a change...not just when it's convenient) and I propose that we boycott all businesses that have any kind of representation at the expo from now on, just stone face those jerks...after all, THEY'RE the reason we have to drive down swampy, muddy parking lots and endure furious shuttle bus drivers at the end of a 100 mile road trip that we didn't want to make and don't have the time for anyway!


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