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Prepare Yourself for the CyclovaXC Bike Jersey! Cyclops 2.6

Once again two weeks has flown past and although I keep thinking that I'd like to change our bi-monthly newsletter to a monthly one, I find that items of ground-breaking, world-busting, universe-creating importance keep arising which our glorious (not to mention beautiful, handsome, sexy-hot, uber-intelligent) CyclovaXC members (AKA...YOU!) NEED to know about.

The big pancake in the frying pan this time around is the creation and distribution of our awesome bike jersey. Now, I wrote an article about this a few days ago (there will be a link to that article below), but for those of you who fail to check CyclovaXC.com on a DAILY basis (shame on you...other things you need to do on a daily basis are: eat, sleep, brush teeth, change underwear [well, every couple of days anyway], pay your phone bill [yes, I get a Verizon bill every frickin' day], run 22.4 miles, bench press 225 35 consecutive times, feed the baby, and then check CyclovaXC.com again and MEMORIZE the article of the day) the jersey is kind of a mix of the "Olive" and "Lime" ski suits that we so graciously offered this ski season. There are also shorts, but we at CyclovaXC understand (the royal "we") that money can sometimes be an issue (stop spending $10 on coffee) so instead of doing the shorts/jersey combo, you can just do the jersey (but you MUST do something).
Even if you don't have the cash right this instant, send us an email if you're even THINKING of buying a jersey so we know exactly how many to buy. My best guess right now is that the jerseys will be about $75 and the jersey/short combo will be about $150. However, if we get enough people ordering we might be able to bring that price down a bit (so send us your sizes, and whether you want a man's or a woman's jersey...for the most part I figure the men want men's jerseys and the women's want women's...but you never know and we aim to please EVERYBODY). Remember, Frank and I are hoisting this club onto our back and just FORCING it into existence, so these moments when we're tossing down several thousand dollars for sport wear can be a bit stressful (send us your SIZES).
I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you since I know there are those among you who have sponsorship requirements for skiing, but are free and clear in the bike department (and there's nothing like having a few dozen more psycho psyclists out there who you can pester about coming with on a 150 mile weekend ride...and have a few beers with later). Yes, the summer awesomeness is about to continue and the CyclovaXC awesomeness is only going to augment...so come be part of the AWESOMENESS (awesomeness is a registered trademark of CyclovaXC...only those wearing the jersey are allowed to say it).
And, without further ado, here are the articles of the last two weeks:
First Look at the CyclovaXC Bike Kit (Keep in mind that this is an early version since Mt. Borah hasn't produced the final image yet...that will be posted as soon as it's available)
Ski Tech: New NNN Binding for 2011

Bike Tech: Bicycle Chain Care

Whew! That's it! Now get out there and pound those pedals!

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