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Relentless Distraction

I had exactly 4 weeks of pure undistracted living. Family, work, lounging, and lazy pleasure took over. I got on the bike exactly four days after the Birkie but seriously did not have a single race distraction for over 4 weeks until last week.

I don't wait patiently for my seasons fate of whether or not I'm in. So for each day after the 15th of March I check my bank account about two times per day looking for that cleared check. And low and behold on Wednesday of last week my season came into focus when I saw my check had cleared. Hell yea...

So for all you MTBers out there who balance their season around THIS one, getting in seems to be the toughest challenge of the race (and to think we're six months out). If you don't think its tough just getting in check IT out. Yea, you read right...1200 "dear John" letters this year.

So now I have that little extra motivation to get out on the bike on these 50 degree spring days with 50 mph winds. I will be on my road bike patiently waiting for the single-tracks to open up. If you are looking for the best place to find great MTB trail reviews, MTB race stories, and MTB bs...then here it is. Looking forward to riding with my fellow Cyclova peeps and ripping up some trails in the woods and representing at some WORS races.

But now that my check has cleared there is a whole new purpose to my race season because "now we have ourselves a game.”

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  1. Nice, but I'm jealous. I haven't seen mine yet so might have to pain myself and enter their essay contest