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Running Shoes with Toes? I don't think they're the answer

I was doing some shopping recently with my psycho friend from Scotland. We stumbled into a shoe store and he immediately became enamored with the sandals/shoes in the picture above. "Shoes with TOES!" he cried exhuberantly..."That's FRICKIN' AWESOME!"

Making all that racket of course drew the attention of the salesperson who rushed over like a vulture to a wounded duck. "It's our best seller," he said smoothly, "It's like running barefoot...it's for barefoot running...the Japanise call it Qi running which means the power of the true universal force..." (OK, he didn't say all that, I'm just making it up, but he might as well have said it because every product that is launched these days [especially the ridiculous ones like shoes with toes] comes with a whole BOOK of little sound bites which try to brainwash you into thinking that the thing you just bought actually ISN'T ridiculous after all...the whole point is so that when people berate you, you can lift an eyebrow like Spock and snidly declare, "obviously you haven't read the literature" [just like Tom Cruise defending Scientology]).

My psycho Scottish friend DID eventually buy a pair of these sandals (I had to convince him...but it was obvious he wanted them. His plan is to wear them around Lima, Peru and be the only guy in South America with those shoes...exclusivity is a big deal in Lima). They cost a smooth $75 which really isn't all that bad, although it's about $55 more than I'd pay for a pair of sandals you have to struggle with for a half hour before you can even get them on.

Frankly, these shoes look like a classic example of "el gimmicko" a product that's going to last exactly 1 summer, sell like hotcakes, and then never be used again...although, what do I know? Perhaps this will be the revolutionary item that changes running forever. Let's wait and see!

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