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Spring Riding at its finest!

For those of us who haven't been riding our bikes through the winter months, it is now officially bike season! For many, the passing of the Birkie signifies the closing of ski season (although Spring crust skiing is usually the best skiing of the year) and the beginning of bike season.

With the great weather we've had over the past week, I've noticed that I'm not the only one whose mind is beginning to shift gears from skiing to cycling. I've noted many small groups of cyclist braving the early spring roads.

Often the early spring roads are covered with a variety of treacheries which threaten cyclists. Everything from corrosive road salt, to ice, to water, to water covered ice, to sand, and don't forget about the potholes. Finally, we have all of the auto drivers who have gotten used to driving on the roads without cyclists over the course of the winter, which are the biggest hazard of all.

Friends of Cyclova XC Ezra Taylor, Joe Meiser, and Ryan Horkey about to head out on a long spring ride 3/6/2010

Well, based on the last paragraph, spring riding is no piece of cake, but for a cyclist who's been pent up over a Wisconsin or Minnesota Winter, it is just what the doctor ordered. In my opinion, happiness on a cold spring ride can almost be guaranteed by making certain the following 4 things happen:
  1. Eat Lots! Start out your ride at your favorite coffee shop or bakery (as in the above photo)
  2. Keep your feet and hands warm
  3. Bring with an extra base layer shirt so you can change into a dry base layer mid way
  4. Fenders! Having fenders on your bike will keep you dry & comfortable and reduce the amount of road grime on your bike.
Enjoy the ride!

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