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What is the Answer for the CyclovaXC Singlet?

Ok, I'm trying to figure out a way to get us a running singlet for like $10 which doesn't seem to be possible. Why? Because every frickin' time you go out there looking for running singlets everybody wants to charge you like $30 frickin' dollars! I mean, it's ABSURD! Sure, we spend a little bit of money on a bicycling top because it's made of super ultra light wicking fabric or some such crap, but essentially a good running singlet (something you use to run a MARATHON in) is just the lightest possible thing you can find (or it used to be back in MY day!).

Well, Frank and I have been hitting the pavement on this and the best we've done up until now is to find about 5 or 6 Bill Rodgers (is that his name?) visual green (so you don't get hit by a car) singlets on sale for $5 each. My plan is to just print something on these bad boys and offer them to you (at $30 each...just kidding) so that you can use them while doing your races. But I'm still trying to decide how they should look and how we'll get the image on there. Frank thinks we can screen print it, which would probably be fine.

So give me your thoughts if you're so inclined. I'm partial to things with lettering as opposed to the shield as I think the shield kind of distracts people from the fact that it's a .com name, but you be the judge for now. Seriously, I want to hear from you, and if I don't hear anything (and probably even if I do) I'll just pick the one I like best.

It's going to be cheap, that's the only thing I know for sure right now!

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1 comment:

  1. I find the vertical text hard to read... especially at the high speeds I plan on running this year. The first two options are the most appealing to me. I really like the shield but I see your point about the .com part. Could you just add a CyclovaXC.com (or even www.CyclovaXC.com)line under it? Maybe take away the .com from the bottom of the shield?