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Wii Cross Country Skier Biathlon Game

Yeah, this is a great idea. Oddly enough, just after the Birkie I was joking around with team member Eva Olsgard (here's her web page by the way) about how stupid a Wii XC skiing game would make you look (imagine yourself standing in place with your arms flopping around in all directions as you stared intently at the wall...at least if you were playing Biathlon you'd be carrying a rifle [carrying a rifle always makes you look less ridiculous]).

No sooner had we shared a good gut busting belly laugh about the whole concept do I trot into Farm and Fleet (I do ALL my shopping at Farm and Fleet and anyone who doesn't is a frickin' idiot...seriously, just try dissing Farm and Fleet in my presence, I'll bust your frickin' nose open you pansy...in fact, I want Farm and Fleet to SPONSOR our team, that would be AWESOME and they'd probably give us like $50,000 since Farm and Fleet is apparently rolling in money since they give everything in their store away for free) and there was the miraculous Biathlon game, right next to the blaze orange overalls and the do-it-yourself at home gender reassignment kit for dummies (I told you Farm and Fleet was frickin' awesome!).

So I left Farm and Fleet kind of shaking my head in awe and almost considering buying a wii just so I could virtually ski all summer (oh, and just for the record, they don't carry Wii Cross Country Skier Biathlon Game at Fleet Farm because that store is a load of steaming crap!).


  1. Dude- You need to put some kind of government warning on your posts. I've been fighting a nasty cold/cough for the last few days. My laughter at this post sent me into a 15 minute coughing fit. I also want to go buy a wii. Do they sell them at Farm and Fleet?

  2. At Farm and Fleet they give away Wiis for FREE! Thanks for the compliments buddy! Get well soon!