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Aaron, Kathie, and Greg at the Durand Bike Race

I was out puttering about with my camera during the Durand bike race that Aaron mentioned a few days ago.  Honestly, these days I'm not so pumped to actually DO bike races (too much road rash...from crashes that I caused, heh heh), but I still enjoy watching them...especially when people are going round and round in circles.

It was kind of hard to pick out CyclovaXC members because we don't have our awesome CyclovaXC bike kit in yet (it's's coming), but I did my best.  Another problem was that they put the finish line on the wrong side of the sun, so the lighting was bad (and I wasn't about to walk 3.5 miles to get on the good side of the light...although I might have to resort to that in the future...sigh).  Still, I managed to grab a couple nice shots.  Here's one of Kathie:
That jersey is going to get a little hot when the temperature starts going up (black isn't the color you want for a bike jersey, it absorbs too much heat from the sun...but no fear, the CyclovaXC jersey is coming soon).

And I think it might be Greg at the back of this pack...biding his time and sharpening his teeth until it becomes time to POUNCE (which is sort of like how Greg's last name is prounounced...or should be in a perfect fact, that's what I'm calling him now)...but then again, it might not be greg (I'll be able to tell better when OUR jerseys get here):

Seriously folks, this is all about communication. Let me know what races you're going to be at, and if it's within a 2 hour drive, chances are I'll be there to snap some action shots (so you don't have to pay marathon foto fifty gazillion dollars for a 4 X 6 inch print.


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  1. Actually, black is a very good color for a cycling jersey if you do cyclocross!! When the late fall temps are in the 30's to 50's the sun feels pretty good on this black uniform! :-) Greg