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BIKE TECH VIDEO: Rear Derailleur Adjustments

Modern bicycles have high tech, sophisticated drive trains. While innovation usually happens in baby steps, over the coarse of a decade or two, major technological revolutions occur. This is the case with bicycle drive trains.

Today's bicycle drive trains and shifting mechanisms have very tight tolerances and little margin for error. The reason for this is the increasing number of gears in the cassette or gear cluster of the bicycle. Squeezing more gears into a narrow space requires a narrower chain and more precise shifting mechanisms.

Thankfully, with the exception of the few electronic shift systems out there, rear derailleur performance generally boils down to two simple concepts: cable tension and limit screw adjustment. The other critical factor that any home mechanic can take care of is proper chain care.

Check out the below tech video (the first in a series of Cyclova XC Bike Tech Videos that will be coming out this Spring) for the full scoop on how to keep your rear derailleur shifting flawlessly...

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