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Biking and the Birkie--Cyclops 2.8

Hello all my fevered Cyclovians!

I don't know if you've received the email from the Birkie office or not, but as absurd as it is to be thinking about snow right about now, registrations for the 2011 Birkie are officially OPEN (click here to sign up). Frankly, I think it's best to sign up sooner rather than later because those race fees just get out of control if you put them off too long (you need to save the extra money for CyclovaXC gear).

It seems like a long time since I last threw my ragged body into my chair and hacked out an issue of the Cyclops. The truth is that April is kind of a dead month. The energy of the Birkie has dissipated (which really is the point of full fusion for the year...although the hardest core of the cyclists might disagree), and likely as not the annoying pollens and winter mold that seem to spring up throughout March and April leave us all lounging around the livingroom like a platoon of the living dead (or at least...that's what it did to me).

However, now that we're at mid-April the fever should be rising again since Grandma's marathon is just becoming visible on the distant horizon, and a plethora of other events are already starting to beckon from the bubbling event calendar (sigh...wouldn't it be nice to just do all these races and rides full time...maybe a stipulation for THAT should have been included into Obama's health plan).

The main Cyclova news for the last month is that the Bike kits are loaded and under full production. Mt. Borah is generally pretty fast, so we're hoping they'll be gift-wrapped and supplied to our loyal standardbearers (you) presently. In the meantime, those of you who have yet to make an order still have an opportunity to not be left behind all sad and lonely in a friendless oblivion (just send me an email with your size and the promise of a check).

As far as upcoming events go, Aaron Sturgis (who holds the distinction of having written both the first and the last article of this months Cyclops) is planning on hitting the Durand Road Race this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about the Eau Claire half-marathon coming up on May 2nd (so come down for that). As usual, we have also produced a whole host of fantabulous articles for you to enjoy:

So there you have it! It's a lot of articles this edition because I jumped the gun with Cyclops 2.7. Hope to see you all at the upcoming events! And don't forget to order your CyclovaXC bike kit!

Good riding!

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