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Birkie Announces Wave Critera for 2011

Most of you probably got this email from the Birkebeiner foundation. As we all kind of knew, last year's Birkie was pretty fast (thank god for those of us who weren't in great condition) so you had to do a pretty good time to get into the first wave. Looking at the numbers in the above images, it seems to play out pretty fair. It seems like every year there are a good number of people who are disappointed because they missed out on moving up a wave by just a few seconds.

As for myself, I managed to go from the 5th to the 4th wave, which is truly just fine for me (I'm still trying to put a year of being a gourmet food critic in Peru behind me...and the pounds that such a job brought on). I'm pretty psyched to move up to the 4th wave which is a pretty civilized wave (you can ski a fairly mellow Birkie from back there).

Frank proved that you can make the jump from 5th to 1st wave and that's no small feat!

Anyway, here's the list, feel free to complain about it below (it helps to exercise your fury by screaming about it...even if it's just screaming on a blog)!

When you're done, go out and ride your bike (that will make you feel better too)!

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