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Buy Your CyclovaXC Bike Jersey So I Can Feed My Pregnant Wife!

A couple of you have made positive comments to me about the passion and the sacrifice that obviously goes into CyclovaXC, but seriously, I don't think you dudes know the half of it. The above image is that of my very lovely, and very pregnant wife. Unfortunately, she doesn't get anything to eat these days because we've got too many Mt. Borah bills to pay! That's right, the crushing cost of our awesome CyclovaXC bike jersey/shorts means that my poor darling wife gets nothing more than a piece of rice a day! (one single grain...not too many calories)

Obviously we COULD have something to eat if only our wonderful and loyal CyclovaXC members would get their checks in the mail to offset the cost of the bike kit (details on how much to send and where can be found here). Now, I know, there are always a lot of other concerns. Nobody likes to pay the bills. I stack mine up under the fridge and try to forget about them until the end of the month (or until they start shutting off the water, etc.). Rest assured that we're doing EVERYTHING we can to get you your CyclovaXC bike kit as inexpensively as possible! But seriously, get your orders in so we know your exact size (women's, men's, and bibs or no bibs on the shorts), so we can get this deal done with a minimum of sacrifice (and suffering).

Again, send an email with your sizing to cyclovaxc at, and send your checks for $130 ($135 for shorts with bibs) to:

Ben Jonjak
510 N High St.
Chippewa Falls WI, 54729

Thanks in advance (must...finish...typing...... weak...soooooo weaaaaak......).

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