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Cheap Thermal Shirts!

Well, right about now is a good time to stock up on thermal shirts for next year's ski season (although it's more fun to buy stuff for THIS year's bike and run season).

Frankly, I'm finding that the best place for killer deals is and always will be Farm and Fleet (the sooner we get sponsored by them the better).  However, if you're up at the Spooner Outlet (in Spooner) you'll also find a ridiculous plethora of unbelievable deals.

Actually, the Spooner Outlet is more than a store, it's a cultural excursion into a bygone era.  Every time I'm in Spooner, I have to stop into the Outlet.  Amongst all the various "I'd rather be fishing" T-shirts (and they're semi-hysterical variants) you can find things like perfectly good thermal shirts that cost about $8 each and are TWICE as warm as the fancy bullshit thermal shirts you get at sport shops in semi metropolitan areas like Eau Claire or Minneapolis (I'm laughing to myself at a private joke over that one). 

Seriously, what's the deal?  When did everybody (except for Farm and Fleet and the Spooner Outlet) decide to start charging $50 for a piece of long sleeved underwear?  It's absurd, and the stuff doesn't even work all that well (it's got a nike "swoosh" on it though...I guess that's what you're paying for).

And don't even go up to a salesman who will sit there and tell you about wicking fabrics and windproof fibers and a bunch of other crap to semi-justify the ridiculous price.  You know what keeps you warm?  WOOL!

But that's not to say that the Spooner Outlet's Indera thermal shirts (notice the guys ice mountain climbing on the package, I'm sure a lot of THAT goes on in spooner) is made of wool.  It's actually quite comfortable (no annoying wool scratching), but even if it WERE made of wool I'd still buy it.


Because it's 8 frickin' dollars and I don't pay $50 for a thermal because that's just stupid!

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