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Come and do the Eau Claire Half Marathon!

Emalea Landgraf just told me to sign up for the Eau Claire Half Marathon and, being the obedient guy that everyone knows me to be, I jumped right to it and got it done.  The fact that this event is essentially in my back yard makes it a no brainer, and for those of you who would also like to sign up and do the half (there's a full too, but it seems a little early in the season for me) you can click here!

Just the other day I was reflecting on how nice a distance the half marathon is.  For those of you who are "serious" it's a pretty challenging distance of course, but for those of you who just want to maintain your fitness for the birkie, a half marathon is challenging enough to keep you honest, but not so difficult that it completely destroys your body (the way a full marathon does).  Heck, if you were to do nothing but 10 or so half-marathons every summer, you'd probably slide right into the first wave of the birkie the following year.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in making a weekend of this half marathon business, let me know.  I'll probably be able to find some floor space for you to crash on here at my place (the whole point of this club is to save each other some dollars).

Hope to see you!

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