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CyclovaXC Group Has Been Stuck at 139 a While...

I just noticed that our awesome CyclovaXC group which has brought joy and light to all the dark and miserable corners of the world has been sitting steady at 139 members for a while now (at least a week). Now, although that's a respectable number, we know that we can do better!

What we need is for all of our CyclovaXC members who diligently read this blog every morning (as they sip their imported coffee and eat their I do) to steal another moment from work (you've earned it, I'm serious, your job doesn't pay you a quarter of what you deserve, and your boss...don't get me started...) and go onto your facebook page. Once there, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on "groups" then click on "CyclovaXC"
2. When you get to the "CyclovaXC" Page, look for the hyperlink that says "Invite people to join" (it's right beneath the shield) and click on this.
3. Clicking on this link will bring up a window that shows all your friends. From here you just have to click on all your friends names and then click "invite."

That's it! Now wasn't that simple! You've just spread happiness to the other half of the cold and miserable world, I think you should take the rest of the day off from work and have a double latte on your way home!

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