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CyclovaXC Women's Jersey

These are the kind of images you have to deal with when you're in the middle of a massive custom jersey order. The above image is of the CyclovaXC women's jersey. Now, unlike the ski suit (which was unisex...and thus saved us money) bicycle jerseys come in male and female sizing. Although I think it's great that they have male and female sizing, the annoying side to this affair is that they treat male and female orders as separate entities. What that means is that although you get a massive discount per jersey if you order 25 or more units, that massive discount doesn't apply to the 6 women's jerseys you are ordering (sigh...it's such a cruel world).

In order to combat this issue, I looked at the people from Mt. Borah with my best pouty/trembling lip and watery eyes and said, "Please....please can you give us the discount?" (I sent in the order just today so I don't know what they're going to tell me...but I'm not hugely optimistic). In the end, I suppose we're just going to have to end up paying $15 dollars more per jersey (the women of the team are free to head out to Mt. Borah to protest this outrage...but wait until they ship us our order please since they already have some of my money...actually, the real solution would have been for all of our female members to dig up another 19 of their friends so that we would have had the minimum 25 pieces to qualify for the discount price).

Of course, it should be noted that this price discrepancy never appeared in any way shape or form on OUR web page, and that we just ABSORBED the price difference and didn't even pass it on to other members (we're awesome, we should be invited onto Oprah). Anyway, just another lovely little anecdote to pass on (which should hopefully inspire you to send me your check for your bike kit:).

Have a great day...in fact, take the afternoon off!

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