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Frank Maneuvers Under a Downed Tree in the Blizzard of '10

I was just going through some old photos and I came across this one of Frank skiing under a tree at my Mom's place during the big blizzard of...when was it...December 2010?  The funny thing is that my first ski for the last two years has been with Frank on back country skis at my Mom's place after some big blizzard.  I always have the same conversation with Frank too (he gets all excited about the snow).

"We should go down to city park and ski there!"

"But Frank...it just finished snowing like six seconds ago, they're not going to have it groomed!"

"They might...."

"They don't even have the roads plowed yet, and we'll probably get stuck on the way there, let's just back country ski here!"

"But there might be new, corduroy out there...kilometers and kilometers of it...."

Actually back in the old days we did used to go driving off like mad men looking for snow and new corduroy...but somehow I just don't have extra energy to burn off on frivolous chases like that anymore.

And to tell you the truth, I really like doing a casual back country ski to start the year.  Skiing back country tends to slow Frank down a bit!

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