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Garmin Handlebar Mount

The fact that I've been in Peru for the last 10 years and pretty much off my bike lead me to expect that I could anticipate a few little glitches in my equipment here and there. For the most part I've been pretty lucky, but when I finally saddled up and went for a ride a couple weeks ago I noticed that my old sigma bicycle computer didn't want to tell me how fast I was going (no matter how much I prodded and coddled it). Well, I ALMOST made the mistake of shelling out an extra $30 for a new computer (or whatever they cost these days, it's probably like 2 or 3 hundred now...I remember when I was a kid and you could have got 1000 acres of LAND for that price, a T-bone was a nickle and I used to walk 30 miles through the driving snow, fending off dinosaurs all the way to school, and when I got there, there wasn't anything to LEARN because it hadn't been invented there I sat in bare feet writing TEXTBOOKS with a piece of charcoal....). But before I shelled out the $30, a light bulb went off in my head (it made a sharp snapping sound) and I realized that I didn't need to buy a new cycle-computer...I had my GARMIN GPS! That frickin' thing tells you how fast you're going!

Well, the problem with putting your GPS on your bike is that the wristwatch strap is a little too big for the handlebars. For that reason, Garmin sells some sort of ridiculous $50 handlebar mount that some butthead salesman has a whole spiel over...designed to get you to pass over the ridiculous cost. Well, I wasn't about to buy THAT! Instead, I just dug up some pipe insulation that I had lying around, cut off a two inch segment, and put it over my handlebars. By doing this, I found that I could use the wristwatch strap just fine (a little ingenuity always saves one a load of cash).

The only problem is, you still have to charge that darn Garmin up every five seconds, and that entails taking it off the bike every time you go for a it's almost worth just buying a new cycle computer. But for those of you who are interested in using my set up, I'd be happy to SELL you one for $15 (a $35 savings!). Yeah, I know, I made it sound super easy in this article, but there are a couple little complicated and potentially lethal steps along the way, so you're probably better off sending money to me. I mean, think about it. You're chances are...oh...about 91% that you will attach the garmin to your bike and survive, but why take that chance for only $15? I mean, that's just foolish! I'll be awaiting your checks (and if you don't have a Garmin GPS, go out and buy one now!

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