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Great early season test...

The road racing calendars are beginning to see action around the Wisco state and Minnie state. This site will be just one resource for up to date opportunities. But I would highly recommend going to SKINNY for any race related info (Ben won't pay me enough to quit my job and blog for Cyclova full time. He should really do the math and get a staff to cover the tri state area...I'm just saying). Slowly, but surely, every weekend will have some form of road race for every form of road racer (from Cat 1 to Cat 5 citizen). And this weekend highlights a great early season race right out our back door (I'm speaking about the Eau Claire Area...however this race is still a quick drive for all you Twin City roadies).

The Durand Road Race is a highlighted race this early in the season because not only do you get tons of Minnesota racers up against top Wisconsin racers, but you get a pretty sweet 13.5 mile loop that is mainly made up of rollers with two leg stretchers in the back of the loop. Because this race will not rip your legs off and shell you out the back of the peleton, it makes for that great early season race that is loaded with camaraderie and fun.

So if you are Cat 1 racer or a Cat 5 citizen racer don't miss out on this great race. Go HERE for more info and directions. I will warn you...the race is literally in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, the parking is in a ditch along a no named road that is smashed between corn fields, the start line is directly between two corn fields that seem to have just been spread with manure and the race course follows, you guessed it, corn fields on your right and left.

Single Swizzle all you roadies!

Aaron "Sturgie" Sturgis


  1. Your reward is to be cloaked in excellence (the cyclovaXC ski suit/bike kit) but speaking of payment...any chance your ski suit check is going to get in the mail anytime soon Aaron?


    Thanks for the post!

  2. lol. It will be in the mail this weekend...