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How To Upload Photos in Blogger's New Interface

This is a technical article for those wonderful souls out there who have permissions to jump onto CyclovaXC and write brilliant run/bike/ski articles.  For those of you who want a permission like this (and to thus come under my tutelage as a internet psycho writing guru) please inform me at cyclovaxc at gmail.com (you have to use that little "at" there instead of the "@" because apparently there are things out there called "bots" that "harvest" your email otherwise and send you links to porn which get you fired from your teaching job...er...so I've heard).

The great/annoying thing about using free blogger interfaces like blogger is that you can wake up in the morning one day and have the entire program you're used to using suddenly be COMPLETELY different!  Being a creature of habit who resists learning anything with the stubbornness of a comatose gorilla (I only picked up Spanish after I became convinced I couldn't get all of Peru to switch to English), it annoys me whenever I have to learn something new.

So you can imagine my disgust when I logged into blogger today and got all set up to write yesterday's awesome post about blisters exploding in your feet while you are running (god that was such a good post...and so relevant to marathon runners), only to discover that I couldn't seem to upload a photo to my blogger interface page.

You see, blogger had changed the damn thing overnight...which vexes.

Let me back up by saying that the way you add a picture is by clicking a little square right in the middle of the nav bar (it looks like a polaroid of a landscape...you can't see it in the above image because it's covered up by the "add image" pop up window).  Normally when you click this, an "add image" pop up window appears with a blank space that allows you to search for images on your computer.  HOWEVER, today, I got an "add image" pop up window that gave me three different choices...NONE of them "upload image from your computer."  The choices were to add image: from this blog, from Picassa Web Album, or from a URL.

Well, the picture that I wanted wasn't on THIS BLOG, and it wasn't on a PICASSA WEB ALBUM, and it wasn't at a URL!!!!  It was on my frickin' computer and there wasn't an option for that!!!!

Jessie Frichin Crest!  

Of course there was nothing to do but go on a Mickey Rourke like rampage where I ripped cupboards down from the ceiling and threw plates at the windows and tossed my TV out into the street.  Then I drank all the vodka in my house and drove to Luxembourg (I didn't realize you could either) where I joined a death cult and was just about to take my opening/closing rituals when I decided I could maybe do an internet search to see if some other smart blogger had figured out a way to "upload photos from your computer" using this new blasted format.

After about six hours of constant internet searching that left my fingers ground down to stubs and my eyes raw and bleeding...I'd found NOTHING!  So I threw another temper tantrum, beat a pony in a footrace, discovered the answer to the square root of negative one, and wrote up a two thousand page treatise on what's going on in the center of a singularity.
At the end of all these labors, I sat there panting and exhausted.  I happened to find myself underneath my desk, and my computer was there as well.  Glancing over at it, I saw that the "Add photo" pop up window was still lit, and although "add image from your computer" wasn't one of the three choices on the left (my left...not the computer's left), there WAS apparently an option for "upload photo from your computer" within the "Add images from this blog" window.

"Well, what kind of IDIOT would ever expect ANYONE to look for it THERE!" I belched with disgust, dislodging the flavor of shellfish and peach schnapps. 

I tried it and it worked (look at the diagram above).  And if you have any further questions...I'm probably not the best guy to ask.

P.S. I've noticed since I wrote this that they apparently changed it back or simply changed it again...sigh...that's what I get for using a free service I guess!

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