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Lance Armstrong's Sport Drink

I'm starting to think that this page could turn into the "Lance Armstrong update" corner of the web if I'm not careful. However even though too much Lance might be overkill, a little bit is certainly warranted (especially because I'm anticipating some magnificent fireworks at this years TDF). Anyway, I was just perusing various news stories and I came across this one that talks about this sport drink that Armstrong not only uses, but is a part owner of the company.

Say what you want about Armstrong, but the guy's no dummy. Obviously he probably single-handedly drinks enough sport drink in a year to keep a small company afloat...so why not ensure that it's HIS company!

You see! This is the stuff I keep talking about (well, raving about to whoever will listen). You don't WORK for a living!!! You found a sport drink company and then just go around all day and ride your bike! You know! It could be like "Avatar" except with a certain amount of pavement in the lush wilderness and a lot fewer big animals that want to eat you (you can keep the blacklight effect though, that'd be just fine as you went pedaling through the forest).

So anyway, here's the link to Armstrong's sport drink company (the one that he's at least affiliated with even if he doesn't own the whole thing). I just spent $74,000 with the hope that will guarantee me at least a podium finish at the TDF (they should really have a TDF for guys who weigh 250 lbs or more...wouldn't that be awesome, it could be the Phat Tour de France...hahaha!).

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