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More Culprits of Cyclist Agony

You know, these early season bike rides are painful!  I've been out a half dozen times now, so I'm feeling a little bit better, but am I the only one who gets done with that first ride who is numb from my waistline to my kneecaps?  A guy starts to look at his bicycle as an instrument of TORTURE!

I've heard of all kinds of solutions to this problem including such ideas as buying a leather seat and then riding it in the rain so it forms to the exact shape of  But in all honesty, I can't say that the fancy equipment that's available now is all that much better than the old seats that came on that first $50 bicycle from K-mart.

Well, maybe it's just a matter of weight and fitness (one of which I have more of as every year goes by, and the other I have less of...and the distribution is NOT the way I would chose it to be as you can probably imagine.

I guess the only thing I can do is be thankful that I'm not on the verge of getting thrown out of the Tour de France for putting cortisone cream on a saddle sore (which almost happened to old Lance one year...and considering the negative sentiment he gets from the French public, it's sort of surprising they didn't pull the trigger on that deal).  In addition to that, I'm also going to be thankful for the weather...because it's been NICE out there!

Sigh...the soreness will go away as I continue to put on the miles (just keep telling yourself that!).

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