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Nice Photo of a Bicycle Crash

I guess it's not all that nice of me to make fun of a fellow cyclist...but heck, I don't know that guy!

Actually this is one of those famous photos that has been floating around the internet forever.  I originally got this in a forward back in 1982 (back when I first built the internet...yeah, that was me).

There are several things to note in this image.  I like the guy's scrunched shoulders reaction in the background.  You can tell he's wincing at the fall and he's not even looking at how the crashing cyclist is doing a faceplant right into the rear wheel of the competitor in front of him.  Speaking of that, how well do you think the guy in front handled the disruption?  Usually that rear wheel is pretty stable...but man, it looks like this guy is hitting with some FORCE!  I wonder if it was hard enough to puncture the tire with his teeth.  Good thing this wasn't a road race, imaging a 120 psi tire blowing up in your mouth in addition to the road rash on your knees (try explaining those injuries to a doctor, he'd probably look at you sideways and say, "don't ever tell ANYONE about this, do you hear me, take this to your GRAVE!!!!"). 

Anyway, try to avoid this scenario in all your upcoming bike events!


  1. i think that is his front wheel. it looks like his front fork broke! He is kissing his own front tire!


  2. Ahhhhh, good eye, I think you're right!

  3. Wow, you're right! Also note the sweet old denim style Team Carerra shorts he is wearing!