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Our Big Plans for the CyclovaXC Store

Hello Everybody!

Man, it has been a busy couple weeks for Frank and I and I think our blog is suffering from it.  The only parallel I can draw is how the episodes of "South Park" got a little stale while Trey Parker and Matt Stone were making the first "South Park" movie.  As much as those guys are just cups running over with creativity, there came a point when the well ran dry, and to some extent I feel the same thing is happening to me.

Still, rest assured that this blog is not going to go away, and when one or two other minor details get taken care of over the next six weeks...we're going to come back strong and hit you with blog post after blog post about skiing, biking, running, and where the best beer can be had afterwards.

The truth is, the idea of opening a shop has been a dream for us going back to the days of Riverbrook really.  For a long time I kind of thought of this fitness fascination as a bit of a luxury pursuit.  But, bit by bit, my thoughts are changing on that.

You see, lately I just haven't had time to do any exercise.  I've literally done 4 hours of running SINCE THE BIRKIE!  I'm feeling like a disinflated balloon.  I keep telling myself that "I don't have time to run" or exercise, or whatever...but you know what?  It's not true!

You might think you're being more efficient by studying through the night or working through the day instead of taking that 60 minutes for yourself to go running, but after a couple of weeks of that, your work performance drops noticeably.

The fact is you NEED that training time.  You NEED to get out there and pump some fresh blood through the stagnant whirlpools of your mind.  It's not a luxury, it's a necessity!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the day when I can spend 100% of my time dedicating myself to this pursuit!  That's what opening a shop means to me!

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