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Run Event Feature: Trail Mix Run

When it comes to trends that are growing for legitimate reasons, many would agree to include trail running in this short list! One local event that has been on the front end of this trend - for decades - is the Trail Mix Race.

Held on the phenomenal trails at Hyland Park Reserve, the Trail Mix is in a class of it's own in the Twin Cities area! Having done this event a number of times over the past several years, it is always a very well organized race, particularly considering the number of entrants on course through the twists and turns of the woods! All of the details from bib pickup, to the start, to the course markings, to the t-shirts are always dialed.

The start of the 2009 Trail Mix relay

I always find that this event is a collision of worlds between the running community and the xc ski community. With the event held in April, as I line up for the start, I see racers around me whom I was lining up with in the ski races, only a couple months earlier. In the end, the fit people out run the pretenders, as per usual.

With a number of events to choose from, you'll see an impressive array of athletes, ranging from national class Ultra Marathoner to aspiring weekend warriors out for their first off road event.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this race is the 50k relay. Rather than making the tough decision around who runs in 1st through 4th positions, all relay runners start together and run a single 12.5k lap. Run as a team, go at your own pace - heck even use some bike road racing team strategy. Just get out there, run, and enjoy a great event and a spectacular trail!

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