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Time To Get Serious About Grandma's--Cyclops 2.9

After the energy of the Birkie, there seems to be a bit of a let down in the months of March and April. Actually I think this is because all the snow melts and the pollens come out and all your grand plans of training 25 hours a week and preparing yourself utterly for next years Birkie are quickly dashed into a thousand pieces as you lay in bed pounding orange juice and watching episodes of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" over and over and over.

Before you know it...it's the end of APRIL and you realize with a start that you've only run like 200 meters in preparation for the next great event on the horizon (at least for me): Grandma's Marathon!

Well, these days, I have to admit that the specter of going out there and suffering terribly all day long doesn't really scare me all that much anymore. Seriously, the first time that I signed up for Grandma's back when I was a young and impressionable 18...a sweet and innocent flower of a lad without as much as the hint of a dark shadow upon my soul (where'd that guy go?)...I honestly thought I was going to die during the course of that day. To deal with this stress, I just accepted it, and went through my preparation for Grandma's as if I'd recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer or a brain cloud or something. It's amazing how when you assume the worst, whatever then happens isn't all that bad (it can even be a letdown).

However, Grandma's still is a little ways off so there's time to get yourself in some kind of shape other than round. One way to do this would be to come and do the Eau Claire 1/2 or Full Marathon  this Sunday (May 2nd). You can't sign up for it anymore, registrations closed on Wednesday, but you can still come out and run on the roads because...hey...they're PUBLIC roads so what the heck can the race organizers do? Just pin on some sort of number and keep me company (or at least be ready with a couple beer runs...I start needing a beer after about 10 miles).  [Note, after I published this in our email and facebook newsletter it was rightly pointed out that slapping on a number would make us kind of look like jerks to a lot of race organizers...so it's best that we don't do it.]

In other news, our bike kits are still incubating at Mt. Borah, but as soon as they're ready we'll have them for you. I'm really hoping they'll be available for the Chippewa Valley Century ride, and I'm hoping you can all come for that (like all things in Wisconsin, it's sponsored by TWO breweries, and it finishes within a mile of my house so those of you who overdo it can crash on the floor and sleep it off).

For the more serious psychlists (psycho + cyclist) among you, here are our useful and informative articles from the last two weeks (there are a lot of Frank articles this time around, he must notice it when I get a little "twitchy" and "punchy" in my articles and he steps in to stop me before I start saying things I, or somebody, might regret...others among you wait for those moments alone...don't think I don't know):

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