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When a Blister Bursts Like a Balloon

The other day I was out running and I felt this blister forming.  Blisters aren't the end of the world...sure, some people get all whiney about blisters and start to cry about how much they hurt, but the way I look at it, if you really were all that bothered by pain you wouldn't be out running in the first place.

Well, the same thing happens every time you get a blister.  You feel it sitting there and it becomes like an annoying guy sitting next to you on a long car drive that keeps talking and won't shut up.  Worst of all, everything he says is all about HIM!

"Blister this...Blister that...Blister, Blister...blah, blah, blah."

It's an annoyance, but it's not enough to stop anything, so you just keep running, running, running, and that blister keeps swelling and swelling.  Like I said, it stings a little bit, and you wish it wasn't there, but it's never bad enough to make you stop running (well, it is for SOME pansies).

After a while, you start thinking how nice it would be if that blister were just GONE!  You kind of think about stopping and bursting it with a piece of glass from alongside the highway, or maybe a piece of rusty metal, or a rock, or something...maybe a discarded pen...THOSE are good for jamming into the hard outer shell of a blister and getting that nice fountain effect of high pressure liquid being sprayed into the atmosphere.  Of course you're not going to stop because you have utter contempt for anyone who stops running for something as trifling as a blister, but you THINK about it (and that's almost as bad).

Well, the blister continues to sit there and annoy and then, right when you've kind of gotten used to it and are able to forget about it and enjoy your run again for a change, the blister EXPLODES!

And right away you start wishing for the old relationship you used to have.

Because when a blister explodes (and I'm talking about a minimum quarter sized blister like the ones I very rarely...but sometimes get when I'm running...only when I'm using sandpaper for socks because I want to toughen up my feet) it's like you've just blown a tire.  First of all I think the massive blister was accountable for your foot staying stable in the shoe, and without that sizing shim, all of a sudden everything goes all off-kilter.
Then there's the AGONY of it, because now, all of a sudden, that ridiculous tender area under the blister is getting rubbed by your shoe and it's probably going to be all bloody and deformed by the time you get home. It's especially bad when you've got like another 1.5 hours of running to do once your blister has popped.

But really, my advice is to just keep repeating to yourself how much you love it.  Essentially having big blisters explode and then having your feet turn into infected ragged messes is all just part of running.  Even having your feet amputated is no excuse for not running can have a day off while they fit the prosthetics but then you better GET BACK OUT THERE MR.!

(did you like the picture I picked for this blog?)

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