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Bike Kits are In--Cyclops 2.10 finally feels like summer. The sun is shining, it's like 70 some degrees, and when you get the chance you can just get out on your bike and bake for vast numbers of untold hours. Even better, you can now go out and bake in the CyclovaXC bike kit which has just arrived from Mt. Borah and is everything we hoped it would be. Those of you that have pre-ordered can expect to get your kits in the mail soon (Frank sent them out recently), and those of you who haven't gotten your checks in yet...well, just have them in hand when you come to get your kit (I've got a pregnant wife to feed remember).

In celebration of our new spectacular bike kit, Frank and I have decided to do a small group ride from Frank's house this Saturday May 22nd. Neither of us feel like we're in great shape right now (although that means less coming from Frank than it does from me since he's always fit), so look to do something like 45 miles or less at a moderate pace. The idea isn't to go out and thrash ourselves, we just want to ride and be social and enjoy the nice summer day (unless it's raining...but let's keep our fingers crossed).

For those of you who don't remember, Frank's house is at:

4417 30th Ave South
Minneapolis MN 55406

Come at 10 AM. See you there!

Here are the other pieces of spectacular news published in the last two weeks:

That's it! See you this Saturday and bike it like you like it!

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