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The Bike Kits are in!

Hey Everyone! We just wanted to do a quick post and let you all know that the CyclovaXC bike shorts are in and they look even better than we had hoped. Frank and I met up at Rice Lake (it was a convenient place to meet for a plethora of reasons that I'm not going to get into) and did our first official team ride in our new CyclovaXC kits. Everything is as Mt. Borah promised it was going to be. The Chamois are very comfortable and the micro-grid (or whatever the heck the fancy fabric is called) is really nice. Also, the full length zipper zips ALL the way down (and back up again) making it a two-way high tech ultra-zipper with a carbon fiber inner core which is guaranteed never to rust or relent.

There will most assuredly be more posts about our cyclists doing vast and unimaginable things in the upcoming months.  And now I know who to look out for at Bike races so the next ones I go to I'll be sure to take some great action photos.

So, if you're fired up to get a CyclovaXC bike kit, click here for details (we ordered a couple extra because there are always a couple of doesn't matter WHAT you're doing...there are ALWAYS stragglers).

As of right now, the first CyclovaXC ride will probably be at the Chippewa Valley Century Ride (you don't have to ride a Century, I believe there are lengths of 30, 60, 75 and 100).  That's a good one because you can sit around and drink beer and eat brats afterward.  I'm also working with Frank to get something super casual set up for next weekend, but we don't know if it's happening yet (I'll keep you posted).

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