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Check From Andrew (where's yours?)

I was just perusing through my photos looking for something to write an article on (so I wouldn't have to go out in the miserable, god awful weather of the day...I know some of you like it when it's just above freezing and raining...but those are hot tub and donuts days for me) when I came across this image of a check that I got from Andrew Johnson.

First of all, let me just note that Andrew's check really isn't as colorful as that in the image depicted above.  I inserted all those color blocks to hide the plethora of relevant information that's plastered all over the check (it's almost as bad as a Facebook page, you can get ANYTHING you want to assist you in identity theft on Facebook...note...don't put in your real birthday, even if it makes you feel guilty when 1,000 random people that you don't even really know [like everybody on Facebook] writes you and says "happy birthday" on a day that isn't even your birthday...don't feel bad.  Your "real" friends know what day your birthday is).

The reason I included this check (which was what Andrew still owed on his bike kit...where's YOUR payment by the way?) is because he put "To Feed Your Pregnant Wife" in the subject line.

Let me just say Andrew...THANKS!

Andrew is referring to this article in which I mentioned that all the proceeds from the sale of these bike kits
will go to the feeding of my pregnant wife.  However, that only inspired about HALF of you to send in your checks...which is a pretty poor reflection of character I might add...I mean, seriously, I guess I'll have to threaten a young puppy in my next article to get you guys to send your checks in.

But speaking of Andrew, the dude hasn't been writing any articles lately...What's up with that?  Hopefully he's out there dominating all the running races in a world all his own, and in a few more months he'll awake as if from a dream and start pounding away at the blog entry keys...we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope!

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1 comment:

  1. Ben- Thanks for not letting the world know that my bank account number is 1234567891011. I appreciate it.

    I read your post just after watching the finish of today’s Giro's Team Time Trial [WARNING: do not read any further if you plan on watching the replay] Anyway, I was struck by the similarity between your tone (send me a check!) and that of Alexander Vinokourov (what's wrong with you guys?! This is a race!) toward the end of the race. He was one pissed off Kazakh who did not get the support he needed to stay in pink. Hopefully the CyclovaXC folks will come through stronger than Astana came through for Vino.

    As for my whereabouts as of late, I've been locked in my wax laboratory (pronounced "laBORatory" like the Brits do) working on some top secret projects. They include a study on the effect a hot box has on running shoes and just what wax is most effective on bike tires when it is 65, dry, and sunny. (and how do you get it on the tires anyway?) I’ll be publishing my results soon.