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Cyclova XC Team Rides

Last weekend, we had the first Cyclova XC Team ride where we were all in our spiffy new team kits. This is certainly cause for celebration. We usually make the most of an opportunity to celebrate.

Many Cyclova XC members aren't your typical Midwesterners, and get down and party. Following is a video of the team getting warmed up for the last team ride. Notice all of the people that started to gather around to see what we were up to. Why Minneapolis was never the same after this! It's amazing to see the fanfare that Cyclova XC has generated in it's relatively short existance thus far!

A few of my favorite parts of this video include Andrew J up at the front picking the good lines, Tommy K, Mikey L, Greg, & Kathi tapping out a rhythm on the pedals, Dave G rockin' the guitar, Ben J getting in some dirty dancing, Alan L taking it easy with the ladies on the couch, and my trying to figure out what to do with the barrel at the end.

In all seriousness (and obviously this post up until now wasn't), come join us for a group ride or run this summer! Check out our Facebook Group page,, or the events calendar for the full scoop. We are all about having fun and we think you'll find it refreshing to not be shunned if you're not an elite athlete!

And if you're wondering where this clip was taken, it was from the May Day Parade in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis. This was one of many "floats" which blew my mind. Bicycle were certainly a common theme throughout the parade. Check it out for yourself next year!

Get out there and ride or run (or ski if you're in the southern hemisphere)!

-Frank L

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