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The CyclovaXC Archive Page

Well, last weekend I decided to get all ambitious and make an archive page for CyclovaXC. As with everything I do, I decided to use the most inexpensive possible tactics (which basically amount to me running round the internet and stealing code...and then attempting to pump it into blogger somehow while it coughs and sputters and chokes like a fussy baby).

My efforts were aided greatly by the fact that all blogger labels (they're called "tags" on other, more advanced web pages) have their own RSS feeds. So I found a feed reader and kept adjusting it until it would automatically publish all the links with the labels Cyclops, Birkie, Ski, and RUN (I'm stuck with all caps on "RUN" since apparently I typed it in that way the first time I did it and I haven't figured out how to change it back yet....sigh....computers are annoying).

Anyway, the archive page can be found here. You can also get to it by clicking on "Archive" in the nav bar up above, or by clicking on the big CyclovaXC shield at the bottom of this post. To get back, click on the big CyclovaXC shield on the upper left of the Archive page, or click "Home" in the nav bar (all of this should be fairly obvious...but you never know).

I think the best way to navigate this page is to click through the various issues of "The Cyclops" since those have a list of all the articles from the previous two weeks.

So...yes...there are probably other fancier ways to make this page more navigable...but the only people who KNOW what those ways are have gotten some kind of degree in computer science and they aren't about to just give them away to me for free now are they? So, until the money starts rolling're stuck with my duct tape solutions (which are actually pretty good I have to admit).

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