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CyclovaXC Baby Shower!

Hello All!!!!

Zulma and I are doing a baby shower on Saturday June 26th. It's the weekend after Grandma's Marathon, so you should be ready for a little R & R. The actual baby shower (which amounts to grilling out and relaxing as far as I'm concerned...while you guys bring some diapers so I can stock up) takes place at Noon. However, if some of you want to come around 9 or 10 and do a bit of a bike ride that would be cool too. Chippewa Falls is a nice place for pushing the pedals (you'll know after you do the Chippewa Falls ride this weekend).

Soooo, if you do decide to come out on the 26th and do a bike ride, you can rest assured that there will be a grilled hamburger or two waiting for you when you roll into Irvine Park at 12 or 1 or 2 (depending on how far you want to ride...however, I can't guarantee burgers if you get there super late).

I've sent this baby shower information out to a few of you already, but if you haven't gotten it don't be offended, it's probably because I don't have any way to contact you either by phone, or facebook, or email, or twitter (and if that's the case it's probably because you've made a decided effort to avoid me), so please just assume you're invited and come (unless you're a member of my immediate family...if I haven't sent you an invitation it's because you're NOT invited [however, just try to keep the family at home right, hahaha!]).

Anyway, here's the baby shower invite I've been sending out...it's another example of awesome writing, which is why I've included it here:

Zulma and Ben Jonjak would like to invite you to Zulma's Baby Shower at noon on Saturday June 26th. We'll have food there but knowing me it probably won't be enough so feel free to bring some more. Our plan is to do some grilling at Irvine Park and then maybe set the bear and cougar free and watch the carnage that ensues (or maybe just play volleyball...definitely grilling though). As you all know, people have baby showers because they're about to have babies (well, I'm not going to have a baby...that would be physically impossible [that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger was pure fiction...sadly] but you know what I mean). With a baby on the way, we're trying to stockpile up some diapers, etc., so you can bring some of those or check out the baby list at Target and Walmart if you want to bring something (ask for Zulma and Ben Jonjak and I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction). The most important thing, however, is that you bring yourselves!

So let me recap:
What: Zulma's Baby Shower (and Ben's)
When: Saturday June 26th at noon (and going to whenever, probably dark)
Where: Irvine Park
(come in on the 70th street entrance, there's a ice cream shop that looks like a Dairy Queen called "Grammy B's" right before the entrance...there's also the Leinenkugel brewery about a block away and that's no accident) If you get lost, just give me a call. Hope to see you!


  1. Ben - What's the plan in case of rain Saturday??

    Just wondering - Mark Schullo mschullo@hotmail.com

  2. Hey Mark,
    Yeah, rain would be a pain, although there are a fair number of pavilions at Chippewa Falls (makes it hard to grill though). I was planning on swimming anyway, so I guess I could just jump in the pool, or bring people over to my house. I'll keep brainstorming...but maybe we'll get lucky!