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Floyd Landis the Beer Man?

I hadn't been to a baseball game in about 7 years until last week, when ironically I went to two games at the new Twins stadium, known as Cyclova XC Field (whoops, I mean Target Field).

Anyway, new Cyclova XC team member Dan Knoblauch and I were there along with our ladies and cycling was the last thing on our minds as we had just gotten done with a long ride. Our focus was on eating as many $1 hot dogs as possible (Mondays are dollar dog nights at the stadium). Naturally, we got thirsty.

At first he appeared to be a mirage, but then we saw he was real. A handsome figure carrying many beers approached us whom looked like "Floyd Landis, the Beer Man". Being a man of good taste, "Floyd" was selling Grain Belt Premium along with some other swine water. We got ourselves a couple of Premiums, gave the man a tip, and he was off to sell more sustenance to the rest of the crowd.

Were we hallucinating, or just imagining this? We weren't certain, so we tipped back a few more brews while contemplating whether the 2006 Tour de France champion had just served us beer while watching the Twins crush the Detroit Tigers.

Why don't you be the judge? Does this beer man look like Floyd Landis?

The image to the below left was taken at the Twins Game last week while the image to the right I took at the 2009 Nature Valley Grand Prix stage race here in the Twin Cities.

Is Floyd moonlighting as a beer man at Target Field?

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1 comment:

  1. I'll bet it was his doppelganger, Lloyd Flandis.