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A Good Weather App for your Cell phone

Being that most of the sports we're foolish enough to torture ourselves with weekly take place outside, I find most of my friends are weirdly obsessed with the weather. For me, the weather has always been something that I can take or leave. Even when people come up to me and say, "Nice day today huh?" I usually respond with an indifferent "Meh." The only time I really ever notice the weather is when it's BAD (like today...43 degrees and drizzle pretty much sucks by any estimation).

For pretty much the whole ski season, I was thinking about how when this summer comes I could climb up onto my roof and install a thermometer.  The idea was that I needed the temperature to wax.

Imagine how stupid an archaic my thinking was!  For the love of god, we have the INTERNET today!

It occurred to me that there must have been SOMEBODY else out there who wanted to know what the outside temperature was, so I did a little search and came up with a Blackberry app to display the weather on my cell phone.

Now, whenever I look for an app, I always have two qualifications: 1. The app must WORK. 2. The app must be FREE.  Surprisingly I found one that fit BOTH of these qualifications in a relatively short amount of time.  It's called yweather and it can be downloaded for free here.

Now, the next time you're riding bicycle with me and you suspect it might be raining, you can just look over to me and ask, "Ben, is it raining?" and I can look at my cellphone and verify the information and then respond, "yes."

The thing that's nice about this app is that you can put in the zip codes for a bunch of cities so that you know how bad the weather is all across the Midwest.  For example, my phone has Chippewa Falls, Rochester, Minneapolis, Spooner, Hayward, Lima (Peru) and Miami.  I put Miami in there so that I can see that at least SOME people in the world get days that are 85 degrees and Sunny EVERY...SINGLE...DAY (although I'm thinking of deleting the Miami reading because it's Chinese torture).

Anyway, that's my spiel for today.  If you're lucky enough to have a blackberry, all your weather wondering troubles are over.  If you own an iPhone, then your problems are bigger than anything I can solve in a single post.

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