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Is Allan Lindsley Macgruber?

I just got back from watching "Macgruber" (which is my pick for the move of the millennium by the way since it's totally awesome) and both my wife and I agree that Allan Lindsley of CyclovaXC looks exactly like Macgruber.'s uncanny.

However, this resemblance is also ironic since my trek to the movie theater to see Macgruber was delayed by waiting for Allan to try on like 50 different pairs of CyclovaXC cycling shorts until he finally found one that fit him right (don't worry, I washed them all out with gasoline and lye afterwards so they're still "like new").

At the theater, I kept looking at my wife and saying, "Is that Allan?"  And she was like, "noooo."  But then later, "YES...I think it IS Allan!"

Meanwhile, of the other 6 people that went to the 5 PM showing of Macgruber at the Micon Cinema at Chippewa Falls, 2 of them left midway through the extended love scene (it involves a lot of Macgruber grunting...and is followed by another love scene in a cemetery...which is awesome), then 3 of them walked out during the soon to be infamous celery scene (a husband, wife and about a 12 year old boy and even HE was disgusted by the least he wasn't protesting getting dragged out of the theater), the last guy made it to the end of the film, but I think he was dead. 

But seriously folks, Macgruber is awesome, and if Allan Lindsley wasn't already a member, I'd make Macgruber an honorary member (but like I already said, I think he's already on the team).

You get 'em MACGRUBER!!!!!!!

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