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Journey's Marathon is Today!

I was just glancing at our Events Calendar (which I'm starting to think we might have to discontinue since it seems to be more trouble than it's worth) and I saw that this is the weekend for the Journey's Marathon.   After thinking about it for a little bit, I realized that I once did that marathon back in 2001, the year I graduated from college.

You almost always sucks when you start reflecting back on the college years.  Although I've never been a fast marathoner, there were at least days when I could approximate one.  I was reflecting about this with my buddy Chris the other day.  Back in college, I guess we were all 30-50 lbs lighter.  Running 10 miles was just something you did in the morning before you had a shower.  How time changes...

I actually did the Journey's Marathon one year just to train for Grandma's.  So I went into Journey's knowing that I wasn't in the best shape, but I figured I could just trot it out.  I remember going along the course which was kind of laid back since it was out in the middle of nowhere and there weren't crowds of cheering people screaming at you for half the time.  I had sort of a bittersweet feeling about that because although it's nice to be cheered, sometimes it's not so nice having thousands of people watch you suffer.  For that reason, the smaller events like Journey's are a good deal (although...heck, for all I know this race is HUGE now with ticker tape parades and shuttle launches and everything to herald the victors...although I doubt it).

Back in 2001 or so, I finished in like 4:20 (we ALWAYS finish at 4:20), and I was happy enough since I was just training for the other race and I wasn't pushing myself all that hard.  But I never quite recovered and I got just smoked at Grandma's that year and did something like a 4:40.  That was a weird day, it was frickin' HOT!  I remember running into Jewel Market at the finish line and she was sticking herself with IVs to rehydrate (that's the advantage of being a doctor, you can just jam needles into yourself and nobody thinks anything of opposed to me...I get a bunch of funny looks when I jam needles into myself...especially at the library).

So the old adage that you shouldn't do a marathon to train for a marathon held true at least for me, although I'm still not convinced that you can't run a few marathons a year.  I've heard of guys who have done marathons every day for a year...which sounds like it'd stop being fun, and would probably cut into your functionality at work.

But, in any case, if any of our CyclovaXC dudes are hanging out at Journey's this year, good luck!

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