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Landis "Confession" Only Provokes More Questions

Most of you have probably read an article or two dealing with Floyd Landis's admission that he doped as a professional cyclist (here's a link to one article and here's another, although I don't like putting links like this because the stories tend to disappear and then the links go nowhere).

The "confession" is strange, however, because in none of the articles I looked at is there anything reported about Floyd taking testosterone at the 2006 Tour de France.  Part of me wants to just blame the ever-present specter of shoddy American journalism (what...didn't they think to ASK Floyd about the 2006 Tour?), but since most of this story seems to be based on a series of emails that Landis sent out, I guess I can't go after the media (but I'm going to anyway because they are TERRIBLE at their jobs).

According to Landis, the purpose of writing his "confession" emails was to "clear his conscience."  But by failing to include any information about the 2006 TDF, he pretty much fails to do that.  Actually, if he had said,  "Yes, I doped prior to the 2006 TDF, but I didn't dope AT the 2006 TDF," then we'd have something to work with.  However, he completely fails to mention it which is bizarre.  How do you state your intention is to "clear your conscience" and then not mention the single biggest doping scandal to ever mar the sport?

And you know, I like Floyd Landis.  I always have and I will continue to like him.  To this day I thought the case against him was really sloppily handled.  Sure, he might have been guilty (or WAS guilty as I guess his confession more or less indicates), but that doesn't give the authorities in charge of persecuting him an excuse to be frivolous in how they handle the collection of evidence.  There were reports that one of the condemning urine samples didn't even have Floyd's identification number on it (it had been mislabeled in a French lab...UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

Honestly, I've long been suspicious of the whole doping culture in cycling.  There are people who will swear up and down that Armstrong is dirty (and now you can add Landis's name to that list) however the guy has never failed a control.

Now, if the controls are completely worthless, it casts doubt both on who HAS been proven guilty (because they're essentially admitting they're incompetent) and those who HAVEN'T.

It's pretty hard to tell what's going through Floyd Landis's head these days.  Imagine going from the pinnacle of your profession to the absolute bottom rung all within the course of a year.  His world has gone topsy turvy and I know that I would have reacted a lot worse than Floyd had I been in his shoes.  I hope he gets it together soon and manages to put all this behind him, but until he offers a "confession" that includes a few words about the Tour de France, this issue isn't going to stop dogging him (or his conscience if that's what he's really worried about).

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