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The Nike 10K in Lima, Peru

Here's a picture of my wife and I warming up before the Nike 10K in Lima, Peru.  As you can see, we have vastly different styles of preparing for a race.  My wife is doing some sort of aerobic workout/warm-up, and I'm sitting down and staring at my feet angrilly.  Actually, this photo pretty accurately represents the different way we approach just about EVERY task or conflict in our life (they're complimentary methods).

In Peru, when people do races, EVERYBODY in the race wears the race shirt that is handed out with your entry fee.  It's not like here where everybody wears their favorite race singlet thus causing a rainbow spectrum of color to go sprinting off into history at the start of the event.  Nope, in Lima, everybody is dressed exactly the same (which makes it hard to spot people since nobody's wearing fantastic CyclovaXC gear).

However, all of this makes me think that Lima would be a great place to put on an event.  We could make up a bunch of CyclovaXC singlets and then have our runners go right through the center of town where we'd be sure to irritate the motorists and stop traffic and cause a bunch of accidents (any one of these plus the race would ensure that we'd end up in the local paper and wouldn't that be some great free advertising for the club?).

Well, that will be in a year or two.

For now, my wife and I are busy bringing a little baby into the world, so the focus is a little splayed out at the moment...but rest assured, soon there will be THREE little runners in my household (so imagine a third that's a cross between the two in the above picture and you'll have a pretty good idea of what the world's in for).

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