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Notes for Contributors to CyclovaXC

If you're reading this article it's because: 1. You want to contribute some articles to CyclovaXC (in which case you need to send me your email so I can send you a permission to access the dashboard) or 2.  You've already received a posting permission and you're wondering how to get started.  Either one is great!  We need the help.  We have been successful up until now in putting up one article a day, but it seems like you can't have breakfast without somebody deciding you should be doing something else for sometimes time gets scarce.

Our purpose with CyclovaXC is to just have some sort of Run/Bike/Ski article up every day with a picture.  We figure most people read us either in the morning when they flip on their computer, or when they need a "cycle" break at work (and a quick laugh).  So we keep our articles pretty casual, but feel free to write some serious stuff too (like a 12 month training program over a week or something).  I've found that since we started this page I've been walking around with a camera wherever I go (especially on runs/bike rides).  Once you start thinking about things to write about, the possible topics are endless (training stories, jerks in cars, race stories, race reviews, "brilliant" inventions, forming a men with shaved legs support group, etc.).

We also started this up because most cycling magazines are really dry and boring as hell (with the exception of MY articles which have appeared [infrequently] in these magazines).  Go ahead and submit your stuff to Silent Sports and Bicycling or whatever, but if you do make sure you let us know so we can go to those pages and "like" them (so you get more articles sold there and become a billionaire).

The basic format we use is easy.  Here are the important things to remember:

1.  We publish one article per day, so if there is already an article up on the day you are writing, check to see what day is empty by clicking the "edit posts" tab.  The articles that have been published will have a date behind them in black, and the articles that are scheduled to be published will have "scheduled" written in orange.  When you discover what the next free date is that doesn't have anything scheduled to be published, simply schedule your article for that date (we always schedule things to publish at 6:00 AM).  Here's an article about how to schedule for the future:

2.  Try to find an image to put up at the top.  I like to make it as big as possible.  Our publishing space for images is 640 pixels wide.  However, even if you have an image that is that big, it won't display that big unless you do a couple tricks with HTML.  I'll write an article about that in the future (so keep your eyes peeled for it).

3.  Justify your article (I just think that looks better).

4.  Minimal profanity or XXX stuff (I hate to say zero just because it's always nice to have hope, but by and large cyclists/runners/skiers are fairly no pictures of you naked...or video...not even audio of you naked [you can always tell somehow]...typing naked is fine [I'm doing it right now in fact]).

5.  Put your name or a small thumbnail picture of yourself right after the title picture (give credit where credit is due).  Feel free to put your email, etc., if you want as well.  Also, you can put a link to your web page or your business, but if you start writing too many things that sound like blatant ads, I might pull your permission (and nobody wants that).

That's pretty much it.  Feel free to post as much as you want on days that aren't accounted for.  Happy to have you aboard!

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