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On Second Thought...Don't do Races with Somebody Else's Number

Ohhh, I've got a good one for you today because I'm all riled up.  Yesterday in the Cyclops I made an offhand comment about how the registration was already closed for the Eau Claire half marathon, but that you could just slap on a number and run it anyway.  I was just kidding around, and didn't really expect anybody to actually do that, but one of our members wrote me on Facebook and rightly pointed out that doing a race with a bogus number doesn't make you very popular with race organizers.

And you know what?  He is 100% right.  We don't want CyclovaXC members doing races with the wrong numbers because that would make us look like a bunch of jerks.

I realize that racers in local events come in all shapes and forms and that everybody has a different goal in a race.  For some people, there is only 1 goal, and that is to win.  But just because you're in contention to win a race doesn't mean that your race is any more important than anyone else out there.  For example, if you're not in the running to win the overall, but you've got a good chance at placing in the 65-70 age group, you might get pretty hot if some young joker fills out his/her form incorrectly and ends up winning your age class.

For example, I remember an idiot who used to race about 10 years ago and who would sign up as "Joseph Stalin" on his race forms (or some other stupid false name).  So, at the end of the day when they were announcing the awards, somebody would have to say that "Joseph Stalin" finished in the top three or whatever...which seemed a little demeaning to the race organizers, especially when some grinning doofus stepped forward to claim his award who everybody KNEW wasn't the Soviet Union's long dead dictator.

Another story I heard (and this one's really terrible) involved a revolving Birkie bib.  The issue there is that people who find themselves out of shape for the race are sometimes tempted to sell their bib for a few bucks to try and recuperate something of the cost (and it is pretty darn expensive...I'll give them that).  Well, I heard one story of a woman who sold her bib and then came to find out that her name appeared as her age class winner.  She had sold her bib to some young guy and he went out and won HER age class.

This kind of thing is NOT funny because it essentially robbed somebody of the prestige of being the age class winner in the Birkie for that year (which is a big deal).  I really don't think you should do a race with a number that is anyone's but your own, and if you do, you should AT LEAST have the courtesy to disqualify yourself either by not finishing, or by informing the officials at the end of the event.

So, shame on me for making an "off the cuff" whimsical comment that touched on such a serious issue...and shame on YOU if I catch you doing races in CyclovaXC gear with a number that doesn't belong to you!

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  1. I run into similar situations alpine racing. I ski NASTAR races which are open to the public. In addition, the runs the resort sets up their NASTAR race courses are also open to the public.

    Sometimes, when I see the course empty and no one getting ready to start, I will jump the course but I will always ski out before the stop gate. Not everyone understands this. I had one race ruined by someone jumping the course when I was on it and they went through the stop gate. I had a good run too.

  2. Yes, don't race under someone else's name. Check out this Leadville story.