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People For Bikes

Here in the Midwest, we are very fortunate to have a plethora of fantastic roads and trails to enjoy on our bicycles. We are also very fortunate than a good deal of municipalities understand the value of cycling.

Cycling does huge things for our local, regional, and state economies. Cycling keeps/get people fit and lowers health care expenses. Cycling gets people out of cars, reducing congestion. Cycling allows you to discover places and things you would have never otherwise discovered. Cycling allows you to meet people who often become your closest lifelong friends. Cycling does many amazing things and is many different things to many different people.

Check out this beautiful video by on why we ride!

The important thing is that people are out there on bikes. Commuters, road racers, triathletes, mountain bikers, bmx'ers, campers - we're all out there on 2 wheels. This is a big part of what Cyclova XC is all about: enjoying our sports and building community around them. Cycling is near and dear to our hearts!

Cycling is also near and dear to the heart of In fact their goal is to gather 1 million supporters and to leverage the voice of their supporters with government, media, and the public to let them know that bicycling is important and a solution to many of society's biggest challenges.

So, Cyclova XC officially recommends that you take a few minutes to check out We also recommend that you sign their pledge, so that your voice may be heard. It's not often that we steer our viewers specifically to other websites, but this is a very worthy cause - a cause that concerns every single one of us!

Get out and ride your bike!

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