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Riding with Frank and Isaac in the Rain

This weekend, Frank, Isaac and I went for a little spin about the Twin Cities.  We had a whole slew of people who were going to come along...but after taking one look at the forecast they all bailed.  Apparently they were all afraid of an 8% chance of rain (which I look at as a 92% chance of no rain).

Well, Frank, Isaac and I intrepidly began our ride, and exactly 8 minutes into it, it started pouring like crazy.  We had to give Isaac a hard time since he wasn't donning the CyclovaXC colors (they were being washed...however, the rain was such that the was was taken care of during the ride...which is the ONLY way I wash my gear by the way).

I was taking pictures with my crappy old Olympus which are famous for their 5f08 5e02 errors.  Fortunately I'd gotten mine fixed in a bodega in Peru for $10 (Olympus said they could do it for $112 and a six month delay), so it is now my "go on bike rides in the rain" camera.

I took about 20 pictures...but found it dangerous to try to hold onto my camera as it rained and cars went whizzing past so I eventually gave up.  Still, I got the above image, which was one of the few decent pictures of the lot and was actually the very first picture of the day (I should have packed it in right there).

Actually, for those of you who don't know, the Twin Cities is a great place to ride.  Sure, you're occasionally on busy roads, but for the most part you are riding on trails, or park pathways with very little traffic. For much of the ride it doesn't even feel like you're in a big city.

So we finished up, and true to the will of the Bicycle gods, the second we pulled into the house it became a bright sunshiny day. No regrets however, since it was time for watermelon and beer (not to mention hamburgers).

Hopefully we'll be able to scrounge up a few more people for next weekend's Chippewa Valley Century ride (I'm planning on doing about 60 that day...let's not get too excited about 100 mile bike rides yet). See you there!

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