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The South Butt

Cyclova XC Facebook Group member (and my co-worker) Peter Grimes recently told me about some guys that got sued by The North Face for trademark infringement. The name of their company is "The South Butt".

Well, it turns out that I'm not the only one whom find this entirely hilarious. Sadly, in the mean time, The South Butt had to actually defend themselves in court against The North Face.

I don't see any resemblance between The South Butt and North Face Logo, do you? Photo Credit: The South Butt

In their defense, they have made the legitimate defensive statement that "the consuming public is well aware of the difference between a face and a butt."

Check out the official court documents and enjoy!

While this may not be directly related to cycling, skiing, or running, there likely isn't a single Cyclova XC reader who doesn't have a North Face jacket (or South Butt) jacket in their closet. Let this be a lesson in advance of anyone who starts an organization named Cyclova FU or anything else like that!

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