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Vaseline! A Runner's Best Friend!

The day before you do any kind of running event, you should go to a supermarket and buy the biggest tub of vaseline (or Petroleum jelly as in the picture above) that you can find.

Why you ask?

Because petroleum jelly is LUBRICATION and if there is plenty of lubrication you don't get any stupid chaffing or blisters!

Seriously, as with most things on this page I don't expect you to take my word for it (people who know me never take my word on anything...sniff...sniff).  But all you have to do is apply YOUR OWN LOGIC to the situation and you'll see how reasonable this is.

Vaseline is SLIPPERY!  If you throw a bunch of that on your feet (and anywhere else you might find prudent) it serves the same purpose of greasing the gears.  You grease the gears because you don't want them to get ground down to nubs...just like can happen to your poor fee if you're running.


It's OBVIOUS, but despite the fact that it is so obvious, I still get people looking at me sideways as I sit there in the starting area before Grandma's slapping wads of Vaseline on my feet.  However, the Vaseline plus one pair of double layered socks has kept me from having blisters in MANY marathons, so why not give it a try?  And...as far as I can tell...you can't put on too much vaseline, so have at it (don't be shy as they say).

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