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Weight Watchers and Mickey's Donuts

This picture cracked me up! There's something about a little neon green post-it note that calls out to "weight watchers" while sitting next to a package of Mickey's JUMBO DONUTS that kind of encapsulates the futility of the world.

This was up in a small shop in Winter, Wisconsin of all places.  It's one of those towns that has more bars than people.  Apparently the weight watchers had already made a raid on the store because there doesn't appear to be any more of the 45 calorie Sara Lee...whatever it was they were selling...left on the shelf.

You know no cyclists had come through because that big 12 pack of donuts is the first thing that I'd have gone for.  I remember back in the day when you could get through the whole Pepsi Challenge on just a couple of those Mickey's powdered sugar donuts.  Now, for some reason, I find absolutely no nutritional value from them's a shame how the body chemistry changes the second you turn 30!  I long for those days when I could turn cold pizza and pure sugar into raw force.

And somebody went and ate all the weight watchers Sara Lee!

Oh well!

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